Riyadh Car Show

21-26 Nov 2019

Part of the RIYADH SEASON 2019

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The Saudi Season 2019

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) announced the launching of the “Saudi Seasons 2019” initiative, as an experimental launch this year, where it includes 11 tourism seasons that cover all regions of the Kingdom. The Saudi seasons are aimed at transforming the Kingdom into one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Keep the cultural balance:

The festival also highlights the unique culture and traditions of the Kingdom through events by local artists. This interplay of tradition and modernity illustrates how Saudi Arabia successfully introduces international entertainment while celebrating its proud heritage.
Riyadh Car Show 2019

Riyadh Car Show 2019

Riyadh season will consist of a number of sports, musical, theatrical, fashion shows, circus and various other entertainment activities.

Part of the Riyadh Season (15th October to 15th December) of the Saudi Seasons program, the Riyadh Car Show (21th to 26th November) will be a world-class automotive event comprising exhibitions, driving events and an auction.

The event will cater for both classics and moderns and the very highest level of participants are planning to attend from across the globe.

Aside from celebrity and expert exhibitors and participants, the event will also be attended by the very highest echelons of society and senior international dignitaries.

Riyadh Car Show 2019 | Seven Concours

  • Distinctive cars brands and prestigious global sponsors.
  • Largest gathering of rare car buyers in the world.
  • Participating cars from around the world by owners.
  • Auction tent - through a platform that was designed and implemented in a modern way an international car sales auction is taking place.
  • Saudi heritage hall - architectural and urban architecture in which visitors find the most important cultural landmarks in the kingdom.


| Side Events

  • Driving events and shows – Karting, Monster Jam and Driftshow
  • A drive-out of the participating cars to "Al Tarif" – the most prominent area of the city Al-Dariyah
  • Luxury brand stores - where the most exclusive stores of the most famous international brands


| Hospitality

  • Arabian hospitality that offers an excellent experience
  • International concerts for different international musicians and platform for evaluating participating cars and awarding the highest honors and awards
  • Fine dining for lovers of luxurious taste a unique and enjoyable tasting experience, best restaurants under one roof

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